About us

Momma Vida is family-owned business based in Ellicott City, MD and this is where our story begins...

About Momma Vida

After struggling with fertility for several years my husband and I were so excited that our Shady Grove IVF experience was successful. While I anxiously waited for our new baby girl (baby Iggy!) I organized (and re-organized) the nursery.

One day I picked up the tube of nipple cream that I received as a shower gift. I was shocked as I read ingredients I couldn't pronounce on the back of the container, and I was disappointed that, according to the directions, the cream had to be wiped off before feeding the baby. I knew there had to be a better way, so I started making handmade nipple balms and body butters with natural, organic, food grade ingredients.

From there, Momma Vida was conceived. Many of the other men's and women's products were born as friends and family asked for natural alternatives to the synthetic products they use every day.

Momma Vida was created to provide organic nourishment through products that have ingredients that you can pronounce and without harsh, and potentially hazardous chemicals.